Sunday, April 10, 2011

Garden Tour & Watershed Curriculum - 4-10-11

Garden Tour Group Interest.  There were at least 10 who expressed interest in an Illahee garden tour this summer, and they will hopefully be able to meet and decide on gardens and dates.  Let us know if you have suggestions or want to be part of the group and we will pass the information on.  

Watershed Curriculum Evaluation.  Illahee has been selected to evaluate a watershed curriculum that was developed in Jefferson County and is now scheduled for 5 evaluations in our surrounding counties, Island (2 sites), Pierce, Kitsap and Jefferson County.  There is some good information in this presentation and we will pass more details on later.

Out of Town.  We will be out of town for a few weeks, but will be in email contact with our ipad.  We are sorry to miss all the flowers and leaves that are emerging.  Attached is a photo of a rhododendron starting to blossom out.

Jim Aho

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