Monday, April 4, 2011

BKAT Schedule & Piebald Deer Sighting 4-4-11

BKAT Showing of Aquifer Briefing.  We first heard that BKAT (Channel 12) was showing the aquifer briefing presentation by someone who caught the last few minutes of a showing and wanted to know when it would be showing again.  We received the schedule from BKAT this morning and caught the 11:30 am showing and have some comments.

At Times the Microphone Cut Out.  While the visual coverage was great, there were a few times when the microphone Dr. Massmann was using cut out, and we wished the external microphone's volume was higher for the question and answer time.

Remaining BKAT Schedule.  The remaining airing schedule for the aquifer briefing is:

4/5        9pm
4/9        11am
4/11      1:30pm

Piebald Deer Sighting.  This sighting was in the area south of Illahee State Park. 

I wanted to let you know that I think we had a piebald deer in our yard this morning.  The deer was quite stocky and short and did not seem like it was a second year deer because it was so stocky and filled out; it didn't look like any second year deer I've ever seen. The deer also had very noticeable white patches on its haunches down to its hooves.  It seemed to be solitary but I wasn't able to get a good look around before my dog noticed what I was observing. The deer was about 30 feet from my sliding glass door and the only reason why I noticed it was because the dog wanted out.  Luckily, I saw the deer before I opened the door and let the dog out.  

I thought I should pass this on particularly becuase I have not seen other deer like this in the neighborhood since I've lived here and I know the Illahee community is trying to monitor our wildlife.

Jim Aho

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